March 25, 2020

Covid-19 and 41 Mill

Last updated 10/5/2020

Firstly, best wishes to all during these challenging times for all.

After careful consideration, we wanted to update all future guests with existing bookings and potential guests who have not yet booked with us yet on our plan around Covid-19.

The government's guidance ( ) is that all holiday home accommodation closes as is reasonably practical. Mill Village is therefore currently closed for near term bookings through the end of May. We will of course update this page as the situation changes over the coming weeks and months.

Future bookings

We are very happy to take future bookings, and indeed at a time when the travel industry is facing a significant slowdown, these would be of real value and use to us from a cashflow point of view.

We are happy for these to be either for specific dates or on an open ended deposit basis.

Normally we charge 50% of a total booking value at the point of booking. We have reduced this to 25% in acknowledgment of the uncertainty that still exists for guests and us as owners. In the event you have to change dates (for whatever reason) or we do (where requested to legally remain closed by the government) you can either re-book for future dates of your choosing or keep the deposit open ended.

Our booking calendar is up to date and available to take booking at this lower deposit rate now:

We are also happy to take "open ended" deposits for a booking at a future date. If you're not sure when you would like to stay, but would like to place a deposit to ensure priority booking please contact us to discuss further.

Existing bookings

We had a long discussion last night around how we help existing and potential guests in these extraordinary times.

After a hard think, we have taken the difficult but fair decision to provide full and complete refunds to *all* future 2020 guests with no penalty should they wish. This includes refunding of credit card booking fees as well. The house is mortgaged (and we rely on the rental income to pay that mortgage) but we are both currently in full-time work so can for the time being cover the mortgage.

Like all holidays, we do ask guests to ensure they're fully insured in the event of the need to cancel but understand that these are extraordinary times and in reality insurance claims will either take significant time (months) or have exclusions that prevent claims.

As an alternative, we are happy for you to move the booking to a future date this or next year. We would also offer you a 10% discount on the total booking cost should you wish to do this. It hopefully goes without saying that if you are able to, this would certainly be of benefit to us in terms of short-term cash flow.

Ultimately, the decision is totally yours. Hopefully the above gives our guests enough flexibility to make a decision that works best for them but if we've missed anything or if you have any other ideas, do please let us know.

We hope we've answered all your questions and are providing a flexible and open approach to support you, our guests, in these exceptional times.

As humans, we will be measured in the months and years to come as family, friends, colleagues, businesses and nations by the decisions we take over the next few weeks and months. Our motto in simple: #BeAGoodHuman

Be well and best wishes.